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Gifts from the Ocean

Gifts from the Ocean are all made from things found on the ocean shore.

Their creation came about one summer, as my partner J and myself, were living a very simple life close to the beach.
I have a love of the ocean (and all things natural), and while walking on the shoreline, found beautiful pebbles, shells, pieces of driftwood, wonderful rocks containing crystals, and lovely flat slate pebbles in amazing aesthetic shapes. I called these my Gifts from the Ocean

With just a hand operated drill, jute string, small pieces of mirror, a tube of glue and of course, imagination, I took the slate pebbles, shells and tiny bits of driftwood and I created these beautiful little reminders of the ocean, of the beach, of the simple life.

In the years since, lots of these were sold, or given as presents, but recently while sorting out a cupboard, I came across a box and when I opened it up, there carefully wrapped inside, I found the remainders of that creative summer and the memories came flooding back. . . .

I still have quite a few of these little mirrors for sale (both the hanging ones and a few little standing ones with shelves). If you are interested and want to know more please leave me a message - Susannah :-)


Authoress said...

You are so creative and those are gorgeous little memories of the ocean! I wish I could have one.

I must also admit that you have a beautiful home :)

Susannah said...

Thanks very much for leaving a comment, I am glad you liked them. :-)

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