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Makeover - Sofa's and a New Rug

For a while now we have been feeling that our living room needed updating!
BEFORE - The old sofa and rug
Lots of the things we had furnished and decorated with when we moved here six years ago, was stuff that we bought with us from our previous home, an old cottage with small windows, thick walls and dark beams.

At that time I loved wooden things and dark subtle colours, the sort of things that were in keeping with the cottage we lived in.

The last couple of years I had felt claustrophobic surrounded with all that stuff, especially as our new place has huge windows and is filled with so much light. So gradually the wooden things I had collected were consigned to boxes and brightly coloured things took their place, but there were still things about the room that had that same look.

The old brown chesterfield sofa's were covered in cat scratches and puncture holes and the whole room had a tired feeling.

So we bought a couple of sofa's from ebay and set about giving the room a bit of a makeover!
AFTER - The new sofa and rug

The sofa's were a lovely blue colour that instantly made a difference and livened up the room after the dull brown ones we were used to.

Though I am afraid the arms already have puncture holes from one of our cats jumping or should I say climbing up! I have put a throw over the arm to hopefully stop it becoming a pin cushion too quickly!

Once the sofa's were in place, I then decided we needed a new rug for the floor, to replace the nice (but brown!) one we already had.

Well I have never been afraid of colour and I think I proved it with my choice of rug! It looks great and already the room looks so much more colourful and vibrant - it looks as though it has had the kiss of life! :-)
The only trouble is, all these new things have really shown up that the floor needs re staining and varnishing! Never mind, that will be a job for another time!

Of course, by changing one things it leads to a whole series of changes! so this was just the first in a whole chain of events. I have taken lots of photos of the other changes that we have made - but I will save them for another post!

The room feels so much better now - and it has started me thinking of moving on to redecorate the hallway!

Shhh, don't tell my lovely man, he has only just recovered from these changes. - Lets just say, he doesn't enjoy the makeovers quite as much as I do! ;-)


Michaela said...

I wont tell your men, I promise ;-)

Susannah said...

Thanks Michaela ;-)

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