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Brrrr, it is cold!

So, it was one of the coldest days of this year with temperatures still at minus 5C at mid day! and we decide to go shopping! There was freezing fog on the way and the countryside looked like a winter wonderland with all the frost on the trees.
We wrapped up very warm and enjoyed our trip but still managed to come home without what I went for!

I hope it is warmer where you are! :-)


Michaela said...

Here in Switzerland (in my town) it's the same cold. But sadly the snow melts each time. So it's not that picturesque. Dear Susannah, I wish you a nice and harmonious season.

Susannah said...

Thank you Michaela. :-)

We have lots of snow here at the moment, quite deep and very cold!

Wishing you (and your man) joyfull seasons greetings! May your time be filled with peace, love and much joy! x

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