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Spring is Springing - Yellow Everywhere!

Well the sun has been shining here and it is really feeling like Spring. I have been out in the garden enjoying the blue sky and the glorious yellow of all the Forsythia in bloom.

Here are a few photos taken around my garden on Saturday. You can find more photos over at my other blog - The Streaming Now - Click Here to visit, and enjoy more images of a beautiful Spring day in my garden with me!

How is the weather where you are?

"At first a small line of inconceivable splendour emerged on the horizon, which, quickly expanding, the sun appeared in all of his glory, unveiling the whole face of nature, vivifying every colour of the landscape, and sprinkling the dewy earth with glittering light." - Ann Reacliffe

Bina joined me in the sunshine while the other two cats snoozed in the sun in their cat run (the big converted aviary you can see in the background of the third photo down)

"Animals are such agreeable friends -
they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms."
- George Eliot

May Spring bring you Sunshine!


Suz said...

How long we have is so sweet
this thing called Spring
Love your kitty and shadows of daffodils
how's your novel coming along
I've dumped another one ..starting #3....this time I'm planning

Susannah said...

Hi Suz, good to see you! :-)

Yes Spring, a wonderful thing!

The novel has been finished for a while, I am just on a third read through, catching the missing punctuation and opened up spaces etc.

Good luck with yours! I am looking forward to starting another, I have learned so much this time, and I am sure I would never have got it written if I hadn't joined in with NaNoWriMo!

Great to see you.

Much love to you. x

Anonymous said...

Spring has arrived in the north! I'm in a t-shirt - it must be 15 degrees!

Susannah said...

Hi Scott, it is another glorious day here today too! Spring has definitely sprung. :-)

Good to see you.

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