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First thing in the morning...

This is what I see as I first open my eyes.

At the side of my bed, on the white chest of drawers, is my glossy white bedside lamp - two hands holding a light filled globe.

Next to that sits a lovely little studio pottery vase, glazed with a beautiful cobalt blue and filled with dried Lavender picked from the garden.

Then my beautiful serene white cat nonchantly keeping watch.

On the wall, two of my paintings, both reminding me of the ocean, a giant wave at the top (again with that beautiful cobalt blue) and beneath that 'paddling on a windy day', both pictures give me a feeling of freedom and remind me of the ocean that I don't get to visit often enough.

For me, this is a wonderful sight to see as I awake in the morning.

What do you see when you open your eyes?

1 comment:

Oriana said...

What a delight to be able to see what you see--thanks for sharing. I do believe it's critical to wake to inspiring vistas, whether natural or arranged. I recently moved my bed from the SW corner where I had a view of a lavender garden and deer grazing & the moon shining in my windows. Now I sleep in the NE corner where it is darker and quieter (trying to produce better sleep). I wake to a tall cedar where a flicker works away. On the wall next to my bed are images of women dancing around a fire; a woman emerging from a cocoon with wings; a fairy woman with butterfly wings. A glass butterfly dangles overhead, as does a fabric sculpture of a datura lily. On a shelf above my bed repose 2 statues of the Sleeping Goddess of Malta that my father brought me from a trip there. (Not that he understood any of it--I gave him a shopping list of goddesses!) ;)

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