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Well, we needed more storage...

We decided that we definitely needed more storage. Even after we had spring cleaned and shipped out what seemed like lorry loads of things to the local charity shops or offered it on our local freecycle site. there were still piles of stuff without a home, and under the bed was full :-) .

So when an old pine cupboard appeared in our freecycle emails we thought it would come in very useful. We picked it up and bought it home and though a little rickety it had plenty of space inside.

Cupboard 'Before'.

After staring at it for a while, inspiration struck and I had an idea for its transformation. So with the help of my lovely man Joe, handles were removed and it was made less rickety. It was then rubbed down slightly to take off the varnish ready for painting and some timber was cut to make little legs 4 inches high. Joe then cut and shaped some wood we had in another of our stockpiles! to make a top with an overhang of two inches on the front and both sides. Then over to me, ready for painting!

First I gave the whole thing a coat of a soft beige colour, when that was dry, I painted into all the grooves and around the edges with a soft pale green. I then dry brushed both a warm cream and ivory colour to highlight areas. When I was happy with the results and while I was waiting for it to dry, I rummaged through my stash of handles (OK, OK, so I am a hoarder ;-) ) and found some nice curved chrome ones that I thought would look nice. As Joe was screwing them on he twisted the tops of them out and I thought, wow, that looks perfect! and that's how they stayed!

So in an afternoon, our new storage cupboard was transformed into this....

Cupboard 'After'.

It now sits proudly in the corner of our room, new storage achieved!

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