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Taking its place...

Well, the revamped cupboard is now proudly sitting in the corner of my room and guess what, I haven't filled it up yet! It looks so nice and spacious when it is empty that I am having trouble 'cluttering' it up with all the random things that need a home.

Perhaps I should just dedicate it to storing just one kind of thing, like sewing equipment....only I don't sew, or my art stuff... only I don't want to get it messed up with paint. It needs to store something neat and stackable (preferably in pretty fabric covered boxes (I can dream can't I!)

OK, so it is just going to get crammed with junk that is useful but needs keeping out of sight, I had just better start getting used to the idea I suppose. :-)


Anonymous said...

I see you haven't tried it catty corner yet!

It could have a lot of nice fabric covered boxes inside.

S in Houston

nicolette said...

I think the after photo for first thing in the morning is probably the best improvement yet!


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