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The Making of a Vegetable Patch

A couple of years ago we were reading about small space gardening, and decided that we had room in the area just in front of the fruit bushes for a small scale, raised bed growing area.

So, as we like to reuse and repurpose things, we started to keep our eyes open for materials. It wasn't long before our eagle eyes spotted just the opportunity we were looking for.

A house in the village where we live, had been sold and the new owners were doing extensive work to the house (an old converted chapel).

We drove by one day and saw the huge skip outside, almost full with decking boards that had been removed from the garden. They were still in great condition so rather than them end up in a landfill, we asked if we could have them.

Great, we now had the materials, we also had some paving slabs (also reused) that we collected from someone on our local Freecycle group that could be used as a path around the edge and to lead to our newly aquired compost bin (also from freecycle).

So one sunny day after laying out the paving stones roughly where we wanted the path, Joe got to work digging the vegetable patch.

The raised beds and a middle walkway were skillfully constructed and the beds were dug and filled with more soil.
Planted, and with compost bin in place, we are all set.
Now just to watch it grow!
A successful project! the curly Kale was delicious, the lettuce was good too.

Just shows what can be done with things that other people are going to throw away, some good design skills and hard work! (thanks Joe).


Oriana said...

Great job, both if you! Sharing my garden as I do with deer, I've learned I can't have many things, which is why I love your hedge. I do grow herbs & thought they were deer-proof, but just last week someone ate my chives! Now I have to cut them back even further, to eliminate the deer slobber. Your garden looks so inviting & private--a true sanctuary.

Susannah said...

Hi Oriana, at the last place we lived, it was open to a meadow and woodland, so we got foxes, deer and rabbits in the garden. Here it is easier to grow things but I do miss the animal visitors!

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