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Waiting Outside The Dentist

I went with J to his dental appointment this week and as he was likely to be a while, I took a book and said I would wait in the car.

Our dentist is situated in a really beautiful spot called Godswell (one of the reasons we chose it.)

It is situated off the road in a courtyard surrounded with trees and next to an old church with a towering steeple.

It was too hot in the car with the sun pouring through the window, so I decided to sit myself down on the grass under a wonderful blossom tree.

As I sat and contemplated the beauty all around me, I was inspired to write, I scrabbled around in my bag and found a pen and the back of a leaflet.

Heres's what I wrote. . .

"Sitting under a blossom tree, pale pink blooms tightly clustered on spreading boughs - love personified - fragrant and beautiful. Old stone wall, golden in the sunlight, shadows dancing on its surface. Petals floating on the wind.
Lush green grass embroidered with daisies.
ignpost proclaiming Godswell - yeah, I thought, I'll vouch for that."

A mundane trip made beautiful.




Oriana said...

Wow, way to make something wonderful out of thin air. Your description is so vivid, I feel as if I sat there beside you. Another person would have wasted such an opportunity, and look what you made of it. A great reminder to always look for the better choice, another option, a chance to touch earth.

Susannah said...

Hey Oriana, I can just imagine you sitting next to me. :-)

We always have the choice to look for the beauty in a situation (as you do and manage to capture so beauyifully in your photos and writing) and it is worthwhile whenever possible to take the "scenic route".

Thanks very much for your comment.

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