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My Dilemma - Solution Coming Soon!

Well, when I first started this blog my intention was to share some of the beautiful items I find on my travels and just can't resist bringing home! You see, I find it difficult, no, REALLY difficult to say no to lovely or unusual items. I am like a Magpie and it brings me great pleasure to collect all these little treasures. Now, this was fine for a while! until my home started disappearing under all this lovely stuff.

This is when I got tough with myself and chose a few (hundred :-)) really extra special favourites that I just couldn't imagine not being able to look at and then quickly and carefully packed up the other things in boxes and put them in the cupboard and when that was full, stacked the rest of the boxes under the bed.

This gave me a temporary feeling of space and control! :-) I liked the new sparce (for me) look and vowed that for a while I would stop falling in love with all these gorgeous things - and I did! I walked away, shielded my eyes, forbade myself to look. Occasionally things slipped through the net and made it home, where I loved them, like I did all the others.

I adore beautiful things, quirky things, unusual things and I have decided that not being able to collect them if I want is inhibiting me!
(Screams and stamps her feet like a petulant 3 year old! ;-))

So a solution is needed - this is my first tentative step in that direction. I have signed up with a place online that lets you have a free shop in return for running ads in the side bar. It means I can securely accept payments through paypal and best of all it won't cost me anything to find out if my solution will work in reality.

The plan is that I will open the boxes up, one at a time and pick 5 of the beautiful items and offer them for sale to others who appreciate 'treasure' too, through the Incredible Joy Shop. Once an item sells, another lovely item will take its place.

Now I have no idea how/if this is going to work but I am going to try!

So, as I figure out the workings of the shop, the countdown to opening begins. . . .Wish me luck! :-)

1 comment:

Concrete Ellicott City, MD said...

Great post and good luck!

<3 Lindsay

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