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Car Boot Sales

Car Boot Sales - I admit it - I love them! But I really have to try to rein myself in to stop myself arriving home with lots of things that I really have no room for!

In the early days with a new home and plenty of space I was in my element and was mesmerised by the wonderful things that my Magpie nature managed to find. Little gems of beauty overlooked and unseen, it was wonderful and I always returned home laden with my sometimes weird and wonderful finds.

I have managed to gain some measure of control :-) and these days I am a lot more selective in the treasures that I bring home. But it is such a pleasure on a sunny morning to wander around and see what goodies may be lurking, just waiting there for me to notice them!


Michaela said...

I love car boot sales to! But sadly in Switzerland this is something, which is not very well known. So, I have to make use of it, when I'm abroad again. And sometimes just looking is nice to. I wish you a pleasure for your future visits.

Susannah said...

Hi Michaela, perhaps you could organise a car boot sale in Switzerland and start a trend! then you wouldn't have to wait until you were abroad to visit one.

Thank you very much for visiting and leaving a comment.

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