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Car Boot Treasure - (Stained Glass My Way.)

At the car boot sale this week I came across a glass chopping board (though when I first saw it I had absolutely no idea that that is what it was).

I was attracted to the colours and from a distance I was convinced that it was a painting. It was amongst other things on the floor and casually leaned up against the leg of the table.

When I picked it up and felt it I realised what it was supposed to be. I then held it up to the light and saw the colours come alive and at that moment I knew exactly what I was going to do with it!

So I paid my £1 and carried it safely home where it has been placed against the frosted glass in my bathroom window - it looks wonderful when the light pours in.

Stained glass my way. :-)


Shelagh C. said...

Glad you're using it that way because glass cutting boards ruin your knives.

It's very pretty and that's a perfect place for it.

Susannah said...

Hi Shelagh :-)

I didn't realise that about the knives - I am glad I didn't use it as it was intended!

I am glad you agree that it does look pretty there.

Thanks for the info and the comment, much appreciated.

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