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Saying Goodbye to the Willow Tree

Photo below taken from the top end of the road, before the wind felled the first branch.
The talking oak to the ancient spoke. But any tree will talk to me. - Mary Carolyn Davies

I see from the window, framed against the ever changing sky the huge old willow tree standing sentinal at the top of the road.

For years I have watched its graceful branches dancing in the breeze its leaves magically lit by the afternoon sun. It has become a landmark, a thing of beauty.

Recent winds have bought one huge old limb crashing down. This week we will say goodbye to this magnificent old tree, as he is taken down, removed.

He grew too large for his birthplace in a tiny garden. The homes that crowd his base have become afraid. I understand, but I will be so, so, sad and will miss seeing the huge old tree everytime I open my front door.

I wrote this first thing this morning and decided to go outside and take some more photos to accompany this post. It was then I heard the chainsaw - today is the day it comes down.

Of all man's works of art, a cathedral is greatest.
A vast and majestic tree is greater than that.
- Henry Ward Beecher

The view from my front door
Limb by limb the beautiful branches of the old Willow Tree are removed from the sky. Blue instead of green now seen from the window. All things change. Life moves on. - link

"Thank God, they cannot cut down the clouds." - Henry David Thoreau

Goodbye old tree and thank you - you will be missed.

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