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Snow - Sparkles - Solstice - Seasons Greetings!

Well, we got half way through December and then the snow blew in! It quickly covered everything and the blustery wind turned the view from my window into a pocket snowstorm!

As soon as it paused the Robin and Sparrows continued eating their fill at the bird table, stocking up against the cold temperatures.

The cats (Bina and Mitz) watched from the front window, enjoying the snowy scene.

Outside the front window, the other bird feeder was covered with snow.

I left a nice surprise in the snow outside the kitchen window, for a certain someone to find when he next made us a cup of tea! - aren't I romantic! ;-)

So, while I filled seed feeders, piled the other bird table high for our feathered friends and did my bit for romance! Inside was quickly becoming a living testimony to my Magpie tendencies! Making it a warm haven from the icy conditions outside! Decorated for winter and the festive season, it is a nice place to get cosy on these long winter nights.

Sparkles and stars and shiny things abound, while a lucky cat (Sammy) curls up nice and warm in the chair in front of the heater.

Pretty twinkly lights decorating the mirror and fireplace - Sprigs of evergreen clipped from the lovely lemon scented conifers outside the front door decorate the mirror.

Left: More stars, baubles and lights .

Right: Close up of the mirror surrounded with silver bells, pretty little parcels, more stars! and sprigs of greenery.

And then on a shelf, stands a slim yellow Santa Claus holding a present, a reindeer and a tree with cut out stars for candle light to shine through, golden baubles too.

Well that is the end of my December tour. Tomorrow it will be Solstice and the sparkly lights and candles that will be lit will show my happiness at the return of the Sun, as each day from now onward we will have a little more light. So from a snowy longest night of the year here in England, I would like to . . .

Wish you all a very merry whatever you celebrate!
May PEACE, JOY and HAPPINESS be yours!


Barbara Scully said...

I havent visited your 'home' blog for ages... silly me.

I love all your photos... your colourful decorations are just great and I love the LOVE on the mantelpiece. I also love the pic of the kittys snug inside looking out at the snowy garden and of course the robin on the bird table!!

Brill - feel as if I have visited you at home!!!


Susannah said...

Thanks for visiting Barbara - I would have made you a nice drink if I had known you were coming! ;-)

Time to start to 'de bling' the house today, ;-) though I am temped to keep some of it like that - I have got used to it!

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