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'Time' For Another Makeover!

Before and After - Clock Makeover!
To go with my newly revamped room (more photos coming soon) I decided I needed a small clock to put on my new floating shelves. It had to be cream or another pale neutral colour to blend with the other things displayed - here's a close up photo of some things in that corner, so you get an idea of the colour scheme.
Well, I had a look around a few shops but I couldn't decide on something I liked. Then I remembered the old clock that I needed to replace, it was originally a charity shop find and was only a cheap battery clock that now looked very tatty - plus it had that dark wood look that I was longing to be rid of

Aha, I thought - perhaps I could give it a makeover!

Within 10 minutes I had taken it to bits and it was laying on my desk.

I gathered old newspaper and my box of paints and set to work. I had in mind a sort of shabby chic paint effect - so first, I gave it a coat of caramel coloured paint, which I then left to dry.

I then began dry brushing on various shades of cream, being careful to leave the caramel colour showing in the mouldings etc. I also painted the black outer ring of the clock face with gold paint.

When it was dry, I went over some parts and gently highlighted them with just a hint of gold. I also dry brushed over the clock face outer rim with cream paint - leaving just a little of the gold showing through.

Then it was time to reassemble the clock and finally see the finished makeover!

Well I was very pleased, it was great!

It looks just right on my new shelves - and best of all I didn't have to pay for a new clock!

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER picture so you can see the results!


TK said...

Good idea! Such a beautiful transformation and a perfect choice of color! That's very creative of you :)

Susannah said...

Hi TK, I am glad you like it. :-)

Thanks very much for visiting.

Michaela said...

Indeed, a great makeover! Congrats :-)

Susannah said...

Thanks Michaela. :-)

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