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I Just Found This. . .

I just found this adorable photo of Bina (one of my three Cats) taken when she was a kitten!
I had forgotten how tiny she was - Isn't she lovely! She used to curl up on this Pink scarf on the corner of my desk. She is 7 this year and still sleeps on my desk, though she takes up a lot more room these days!


TK said...

Bina is certainly a lovely cat. I used to have 2 cats but they both died last year :(. I bought a new cat which I call Miko and she's a very smart cat. Cats really make wonderful pets!

Susannah said...

Hi TK, I am so sorry to hear that your cats died last year. :-(
I am glad you now have Miko! Perhaps you can take some photos of her for your blog? :-)

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