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Saying Goodbye For Now

"Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons." - Al Hirschfeld

The weather is warming up and Spring is on its way, so I guess I can put my cosy scarves away until next autumn.

I shall miss the lovely colours and the warmth they bring - but I am sure I shall soon forget that, when the garden begins to bloom and there is colour everywhere!

"Colors are the smiles of nature."
- Leigh Hunt

Goodbye scarves - see you next time!


TK said...

You have lovely colorful scarfs.I can imagine those colorful flowers blooming in the garden.It brings colors to life! I hope your days are full of sunshine and daisies..

Susannah said...

"full of sunshine and daisies.." - Wnderful!

Thanks TK :-)

Michaela said...

You are probably right to put them away. But I don't trust the weather.. not yet. I have yet to be convinced :-)

Susannah said...

I know what you mean Michaela - I keep thinking that we just may get more icy weather but I am being positive! :-)

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