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More of My Favourite Things - No.4

"A smile can brighten the darkest day." - Author Unknown

Every day as I walk into my bedroom I see this Sun smiling at me and I smile back involuntarily - it has that effect on me!

When I wake in the morning and throw back my curtains, the early morning light hits her face and makes it glow.

I look into her eyes and feel that creeping sense of happiness making its way to my lips for another one of those Sun induced smiles.

"Most smiles are started by another smile." - Frank A Clark

She started out with the original paint faded and worn and to tell the truth - a slightly weird expression!

So I decided one afternoon, rather than throwing it out, I would repaint it.
I sat with my paints and as I worked I saw her appear, glowing and with a look in her eye that caused me to smile before she was even finished drying.

"Life is like a mirror, we get the best results when we smile at it." - Author Unknown

I was going to varnish her and put her in the garden peeping out from behind some greenery but something about her and the smile she pulled out of me so readily, earned her a place beside my bed - where I see her every morning as I arise and every evening before I climb into bed.

This earns her a place among my favourite things!


Suz said...

nice job of painting!
she is sunny like you
and those eyes...haven't I seen those somewhere?

Michaela said...

Your sun makes me smile, too.

Susannah said...

Thanks both of you :-)

I am glad it made you smile too Michaela!

TK said...

Those are beautiful quotes and so true!. Smiles for you Susannah! You've done a nice painting work. Something that I am not good at..

Susannah said...

Thanks TK - They are nice quotes aren't they!

A big smile for you. :-)

Sara said...

Hai, yes the smile painting give me inspiration to do good thing every morning.

Susannah said...

Hi Sara - thanks for your comment. :-)

Betsy ( said...

Hi Susannah,
Love your sun! That reminds me of a blog I wrote called the Power of A Smile:

Looking forward to looking through your blog!

Susannah said...

Hi Betsey, thanks so much for dropping in and I am glad that you enjoyed my Suns smile! I have just read your wonderful blog post and will be exploring your blog too.

Very nice to meet you :-)

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