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The Gifts That Friendship Brings

"To know another is not to know that person’s face, but to know that person’s heart." - Chinese Proverb

Right there on my window sill sits a pretty five sided container, made from glass and brass and with little brass ball feet - it holds treasure.

So close, that I can reach out my hand and touch it with my fingertips, it is always there to remind me. . .

I love the ocean, I have an affinity with that big, swirling, tumultous world of waves and depth, and foaming spray. I live too far away from the coast and have learnt to deal with my longing to walk along quiet shores and towering cliffs, with the sounds of crashing waves echoing and bringing peace to my soul.

Through the vast limitless space of the internet. . . people find one another, whether by chance, design or synchronicity, kindred souls are drawn together. It was in such a way that I met a special lady, who though living on the other side of the world, understood and empathised with my love and longing for the ocean.

"There is magic in long-distance friendships. They let you relate to other human beings in a way that goes beyond being physically together and is often more profound." - Diana Cortes

She knew the ocean well and walked its shore every day, collecting beautiful things and writing beautiful words. . . words that moved me. We became friends, and without the barriers of formality became close, and for a while we spoke deeply - one soul touching another.

Then came my birthday, and I finally opened the slightly squashed package that had arrived with a thud through my door the week before. . . I carefully pulled away the box and gently pulled open the big tightly shut plastic bag inside.

I plunged in my hand and with tingles running up my arm, the tears came to my eyes.

She had sent me her beach! There inside, were exquisite things she had collected day after day as she walked by her ocean, shells, driftwood and pebbles - a crabs claw, a feather and there filling the bottom of the bag, the finest silver sand.

She had shared her beach with me, and it was beautiful . . .

It sits beside me every day, so I am always close to the ocean.

I don't know if she ever realised just how much her gift meant to me.

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anais Nin


TK said...

So sweet of the person to share you her beach. I live near the beach too and now I appreciate it so much. It's really nice to be at the beach and I understand why some people just love the ocean. I love the ocean in the morning when the sea is so blue and calm. It calms me down as well..

Susannah said...

You are luckt to live near the beach - I can just imagine your calm blue sea!

Thanks for dropping in TK it is always nice to see you. :-

Suz said...

gifts from the sea
how nice

Jennifer said...

I'm sure she knows now Susannah. Beautiful story and post.

(PS - I share your affinity with the shore at least - for me the Great Lakes are accessible, and some of the shorelines are inspiring. But I am taken just as much with the ocean when I do get to see it.)

Susannah said...

Hi Suz and Jennifer :-)

Jennifer - yes she does know now. :-)

As she doesn't visit blogs these days, I sent her a link to this post, she had wondered what I did with my 'beach'. I am glad you understand my ocean passion. :-)

Thanks for your comments, always good to see you.

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Well, this post really struck home to me. Being a Scorpio with Pisces rising, I felt a real affinity to what you've written. Excellent post and blog. Water is soothing and calming. I have seashells all over the place, even in the garden!

Susannah said...

Hi Karen, so nice to see you here. :-) and with Scorpio and Pisces I know you must identify with my love of the Sea. Thanks for leaving a comment, it is much appreciated.

Kifus said...

What a sweet gift and how thoughtful of your friend! I do love the quotes too!

Have a wonderful day Susannah!

Susannah said...

Hi Kifus, thanks for dropping in and your good wishes - I hope you have a wonderful day too. :-)

Michaela said...

Dear Susannah, I'm very happy for you that you've found such a nice friend!

Well, the deep ocean and me.. this is kind of special.. it allways attracts me.. but sometimes I feel more comfortable just to put one toe into it and to look at the surface than dive into the deep. I love it but I also have great respect for it. Oh, and above all I like the smell!

And finally.. I wish you happy birthday.. In the hope that I'm not far too late with my wishes.


Susannah said...

Hi Michaela, thanks very much for your good wishes but this post is written quite a long while after my birthday which was in the middle of August! but thanks anyway. :-)

I know what you mean about the ocean - I am fascinated by it but also find it quite frightening! I think it is the power of it that attracts me so. . .I would rather stand on the shore and watch it than dive into it. Mmm, I love the smell too.

Thanks very much for dropping in, it is always so nice to see you. :-)

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