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Early April in My Garden

"All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today."- Indian Proverb

Here are some photos taken around my garden over the last few days.
We have been having some glorious sunny weather and everything is really starting to grow!

I also wanted to show off my new metal chicken -
I saw him the other day and couldn't resist bringing him home with me.

"So plant your own garden and decorate your own soul,
instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers."
- Author Unknown

The Forsythia is such a wonderful splash of colour!

Soon there will be tulips!

The Magnolia tree by the front gate is just starting to open its blooms.

Bina has been enjoying the sunshine too.

"Be like the flower, turn your faces to the sun." - Kahlil Gibran

There are more garden photos over at The Streaming Now
(one of my other blogs) if you would like to pay a visit.
It would be good to see you over there. :-)


Suz said...

Oh so happy to see your beauties
and the cuite pie kitty

Susannah said...

. . . but did you like my new chicken!? lol

She is a cutie pie isn't she! (Sammy one of my other cats is pictured in this blogs new header.)

Good to see you Suz - thanks for dropping in. :-)

TK said...

Lovely garden u have there. Thanks for sharing photos of your garden. I always love to see flowers from other parts of the world and learn the names of those flowers as I dont see them here. Tulip is one of my favourite flowers. Enjoy the beautiful and colourful spring!

Susannah said...

Hi TK, I am glad you liked the photos. :-) part of the reason I posted them is because I know you like to see flowers from other parts of the world - I shall post more as the year progresses.

I love to see all the colourful flowers and fruit and vegetables when I visit your blog - not to mention the lovely beach too! It is lovely to be able to have a glimpse into your world.

Maria said...

cute cat :D

Susannah said...

Hi Maria! Yes she is isn't she. :-)

Thanks for visiting, it is nice to meet you.

paulandrewrussell said...

What a lovely garden. :-)

Susannah said...

Thanks Paul - good to see you here, thank you very much for visiting, I hope you will come again. :-)

Cate @ A Tree Lined Street said...

Your garden is just beautiful. Bina is quite a little stunner isn't she?

Susannah said...

Hi Cate, yes she is, isn't she! Thanks very much for dropping in and for your kind comment - good to meet you. :-)

Michaela said...

Susannah, I like your garden very much!

Susannah said...

Thanks Michaela! Good to see you. :-)

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