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An Ocean in Miniature

Those of you that know me will know of my love for the ocean. Well, the other day I was walking around a car boot sale, when from a distance a tiny flash of sea green caught my eye and I walked over and picked up this little lump of fluorite and held it up to the light - inside it looked like an ocean in miniature!
I saw a wave and felt the wetness. It contained the sea! I bought it home and I love it. . .

"Life’s enchanted cup sparkles near the brim." - Lord Byron


Michaela said...

What a wonderful find! I like the colors very much :-)

Susannah said...

Yes, the colours are beautiful, it really does look like the Ocean inside.

Good to see you Michaela, I hope all is well with you. x

Michaela said...

Everything fine. Apart from that I'm upset from the noise of an air condition. Otherwise everything is fine! How are you?

Susannah said...

Sorry to hear about the noise. :-(

I am well thanks, I have just been for a walk and have been taking photos, it is a nice sunny day today but not too hot! Perfect for being outdoors.

Good to talk to you. x

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