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Take Time To Smell The Roses

Wow, it seems so long since I updated. Sometimes that happens! I go through times when I have lots to say and then times like recently where I keep going to start a post then get distracted and never seem to get around to it. Well I am here now and I hope you are well.

Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell
that was once associated with it.
- Nabokov

Everything is blooming wonderfully in the garden, two roses that I bought a couple of years ago are throwing out lots of flowers and the most delicious scents.

When I was a child and my Mother used to collect me from school, we used to walk home past some glorious flower beds planted with all sorts of Roses, I loved the smell and I would stop and gather the fallen petals and fill my pockets and then my t shirt - I would hold it out in front of me and fill it with my multi coloured Rose petals before carefully folding it back to my body to keep them safe until I made it home.

Once I got these fragrant Jewels home, I would make Rose petal perfume or just leave them scattered around drying and filling my bedroom with the most delicious smell.

Even now I love the smell of Roses and can't resist leaning in to smell them, they bring back so many memories of my childhood.

The gardens of my youth were fragrant gardens
and it is their sweetness rather than their patterns of their
furnishings that I now most clearly recall.

- Louise Beebe Wilder

Here is something that I wrote a couple of years ago explaining how I felt about Roses.

"Lately I have been stopping to smell the flowers, the Roses in particular. Everywhere I go just lately seems to be littered with beautiful blooms just begging me to smell them. Wonderful huge flowers that could be displayed in the finest art gallery in the land and all in the most delicious of colours.

I must admit to feeling a little let down though, when after being summoned by some vision of loveliness I brave the stares of passers by and walk over some neatly manicured lawn edge to find that the beauty has no fragrance.

It is like talking to a pretty girl or handsome man and finding that their beauty is only skin deep, it feels you have been misled, cheated, I don't just want surface beauty, I want it to be built into every fragrant molecule. Roses should smell like Roses."

Take time to smell the roses!

Here comes the time when, vibrating on its stem,
every flower fumes like a censer;
noises and perfumes circle in the evening air.
- Charles Baudelaire


Suz said...

the old roses are the best
and smell the best...wild like a rose...that's us
We both had roses on the brain today

TK said...

Hi Susannah! Happy to be here again:)

Oh I love the sweet smelling roses so much. Love the color of your roses. It has two tones!It's between red and orange. Very nice color!

Here in Malaysia, the roses are small and hardly survive in the hot climate. They only grow well in the highland and I only see roses when I go there. They are beautiful flowers! I understand why you love them and apprecite them so much!

Susannah said...

Hi Suz - wild like a rose! I hope I smell as good. ;-)

Great to see you.

Susannah said...

Hi TK,
Yes, it is a lovely colour isn't it and it really does smell wonderful, it is a shame you can't attach aroma to a blog post. :-)

It is good to see you and I am going to send a link to your post about cashew nuts to my Mum and sister so that they can see how they grow too!

Jennifer said...

I'm pleased to say I always stop and smell the roses. (And all the others.) :0)

Susannah said...

Hi Jennifer, yep, I would have put money on the fact that you would be a gal who would stop and smell the flowers. ;-) Glad to hear it and good to see you.

Terra said...

Ah yes, give me an old fashioned scented rose any day. My Peace rose is 25 years old and has a lovely fragrance, plus 2 friends gave it to me so it is redolent with meaning.

Susannah said...

Hi Terra, yes the old fashioned scented roses are definitely my favourites too! I have plants in my garden that were given by people dear to me and they are always a wonderful reminder aren't they.

Thanks very much for visiting, it is good to meet you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

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