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Ducks and Narrowboats

After my birthday celebration party we went for a stroll along the canal to walk off some of the food we had eaten.

The Canal is only a few hundred yards from J's parents house and is always a nice place to visit with narrowboats moored alongside and of course all the lovely ducks. This time, there was also this adorable duckling I managed to get a photo of.

<-----Isn't it sweet!

(We also visited other canals when we were exploring in our camper van last year and the cats came on lots of trips too!)
You can see photos of those adventures and lots more too!
If you visit here --> Journeys Close To Home.

I love the Blue of this boat and the pretty pots and flowers on top.

Such a peaceful place, I should imagine it would be wonderful to serenely
float along amongst all the trees and countryside.

There were lots of boats moored along this stretch - I love the name Bluebell
(though I think it would have been a better name for the Blue boat in the first photo.)

I really like the rope buffers? at the front of these boats.

Do you have Canals where you live?


Suz said...

What lovely boats....we have a canal..a ship canal...not so pretty
and no boats like those
I could see you in the blue one!

TK said...'s a peaceful place. I am so glad that you had a wonderful birthday party at a wonderful place. I love to be at a place like that.
I love the boat with pots of flowers on top of it, too.
We don't have a canal here but the sea is nearby

corfubob said...

Yes indeed Susannah, where I used to live anyway - in a 50' Market- Harborough narrowboat at Watford/Croxley.

I will swop my present Corfu idyll for the old boat any day, and my cats can wander the footpaths without fear of traffic. Take care, Bob

scottsabode said...

Happy Birthday! I adore canals!

Michaela said...

It is, it is very very sweet!
We don't have canals where we live.
But we have the river Rhein and some other bodies of water :-)

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