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Pleasure in Pictures

These three pictures give me pleasure every time I pass them in my hallway, the one to the right (only partially seen) is called sea view and the one on the left is called wave, the middle one that I bought from a car boot sale a couple of weeks ago seems to link them perfectly. . .

"I live in my house as I live inside my skin: I know more beautiful, more ample, more sturdy and more picturesque skins: but it would seem to me unnatural to exchange them for mine."
- Primo Levi
What pictures in your home give you pleasure?


Michaela said...

Ha, for a couple of month well, weeks, I couldn't live in my house like in my skin. The hums and vibrates of the air conditioning on the top of the neighbours house drove me crazy. And now the real estate is doing something. Finally.

I like your pictures very much. They actually remind me on the ocean.

Susannah said...

Hi Michaela, you have my sympathy about the noise and I am glad the problem is being solved now. I had similar trouble once and had to change my bedroom to another room because the lady upstairs, her fridge kept me awake with its humming and vibrating.

I am glad you like the pictures. :-)

It is good to see you.

TK said...

I know how much you love the sea..
How cool it is to have sea view in the house!!
I love pictures of flowers!

Susannah said...

Hi TK, yes it is cool to have a sea view in my house, even if it is only pictures!

Do you have lots of pictures of flowers in your home?

Good to see you.

Michaela said...

Thank you for your sympathy!
In minimum I had to change the place of my bed three times :-)

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