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I am celebrating today!

Well, I am . . .

so, shall we have cake?

Please take a piece!

Thanks for visiting, it is always good to see you!

Birthday cake image courtesy of


TK said...

Happy 50th Birthday Susannah!
You look younger than your age!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Susannah said...

Thanks TK, I had a wonderful day and there are more celebrations with family on Sunday! I promise, I do look my age up close! but I don't feel it! but then again, I don't know what 50 is supposed to feel like! :-)

I hope all is well with you. x

Michaela said...

Happy Birthday, dear Susannah! I wish you all the best. And thank your for the piece of cake. Delicious ;-)
I like your picture very much, your facial expression, wonderful :-))

Susannah said...

Thank you very much Michaela! and I am glad you enjoyed the cake.

Good to see you. x

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