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Orange and Gold...

Orange and Gold the colour of autumn.

The beautiful trees that I can see from my window
when I am sitting at my computer

. . . and it's also the colour of certain CATS!

Sammy curled up asleep in the computer chair.

wind-blown leaves turn

Dancing the golden sunlight
across the tired floor."
- Matt Dimmic

I hope your autumn is full of colour too!


TK said...

Hi Susannah!. I love the beautiful color of autumn but I have never experience it though....Here, we are having the monsoon season..The rain never stop and it's cold..Whatever the weather is, I'll just put a smiling face and enjoy life :) Enjoy your autumn!

Susannah said...

You have the right attitude TK! Whatever the weather, smile and enjoy life. :-)

Good to see you again, thanks for popping in. :-) said...

Autumn shows it's marvelous and vibrant colors, amazing photos!
(cute cat you have, dreaming sweet!)

Susannah said...

Hi Niceart, yes such beautiful colours! Thank you very much for visiting. :-)

Michaela said...

Oh, I'm jealous of the view from your window. I'd wish I could see such a nice nature out from my window. Well, there is one thing I can do..going out for a walk :-) I love your cute cat!

Susannah said...

Hi Michaela, I so appreciate my view! It is only in the last year that I moved my desk to look out of the window, I used to stare at a wall. :-)

Good to see you!

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