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Talking Rainbows!

I think anyone who reads this blog regularly will know of my love of colour! There are so many wonderful colours, especially at this time of year when the trees change into their Autumn ballgowns! And here in my garden I was stunned by the beautiful colour of this Acer as it begins to lose its leaves - Wow! what a colour.


Suz said...

Is this Japanesse Maple?...I have one that has yet to shine in the sunlight
but your is beautiful

Susannah said...

Hi Suz, well I have just always known it as an Acer but just looked it up online and it is also known as a Japanese Maple! So yes it is! :-)

It really is beautiful and the colour is just breathtaking. It doesn't like too much direct sunlight so I keep it around the back of the house which is North facing.

A friend bought it 4 years ago for Joe for his 40th birthday (what a great present!) It has grown quite a bit since then.

Good to see you, thanks for popping in. x

Suz said...

it likes to be in a protected area near brick if possible
can't take a lot of wind
How does one describe the brillance in the leaves as the sun shines through...breathtaking and unreal

Michaela said...

I love Japanesse Maple too! The delicacy of the leaves and of course the color.

scottsabode said...

What an incredible colour!

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