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Sammy and the Squirrel

Sammy had just woken up from his nap on the sofa beside my desk, when he looked up and saw the squirrel just outside the window. I didn't even have to leave my desk to watch this unfold right beside me. . .

He just had to get a closer look.

...the Squirrel was looking at him too.

They were really checking each other out.
Sammy was fascinated by his new squirrel friend.

Until all at once, he had gone!

Leaving Sammy peering through the window
waiting for his squirrel friend to return.


rel said...

We can learn oodles about patience and powers of observation from our cats. Great sequence.

Susannah said...

We certainly can Rel. :-)

Thanks for visiting, it is good to meet you.

scottsabode said...

What an amazing set of photos - lucky you had your camera at the ready!

Susannah said...

Hi Scott, yes it is lucky that my camera was on my desk. I took about thirty photo's actually, it was hard to pick just a few for my blog.

He looks out for 'his squirrel' every day now. :-)

Suz said...

Oh dear...another squirrel loving feline!
Aren't they just so much fun to watch?
How's your novel coming along?
My Boo would love your kitty

Susannah said...

Hi Suz, good to see you. :-)

The first draft of the novel is finished and I shared it with my sister. I still need to edit but the story is there! I usually talk a bit about the progress over at my streaming now blog.

By the way, I loved the picture of handsome coming indoors, wonderful! x

Jean | Delightful Repast said...

Susannah, I'm so jealous! Sammy is my ideal cat! And an English village is my ideal place!

How you manage so many blogs is a mystery to me, but I'll definitely be back to check on the kitties.

Susannah said...

Hello Jean, it is good to meet you.

Both Sammy and myself will look forward to you visiting again. :-)

LadyCat said...

Sammy is so cute : ) Our cats are always looking out at the birds and an occasional chipmunk. They get so excited to see the little creatures. You did a great job of capturng Sammy's curiosity.

Susannah said...

Thanks Ladycat. :-)

It is good to see you again.

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