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I Have a Confession to Make. . .

I have bought a new mat for just inside our front door. The old one was black and dull but perfectly serviceable.

The new one is a really beautiful colour, a Mediterranean summer sea colour, a gorgeous cobalt blue that lifts my spirits.

But here comes my confession.

I don't want it to get dirty!

So ever since it has been in place, whenever we come indoors instead of wiping our feet as we used to with the old mat.

I make us jump over it so we don't get it dirty! :-)


Suz said...

hee hee
happens to all of us
I say reward to the one who dirtys it up first....then you can live
or get a new gray one and hang this one in the garden come spring

Susannah said...

Good to see you Suz. :-)

scottsabode said...

Ha - mad woman! I totally understand.

Susannah said...

Scott, I am glad you understand.;-)

(I hope I get over it before I get visitors to old or infirm to jump!)

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