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A Splash of Colour is Always Welcome

"Color is the fruit of life."
- Guillaume Apollinaire

"I have always wanted my colours to sing."- Paul Delvaux

"Colour stops me in the street, invites me to breathe it in and take it with me."
- Suzanne Partridge

I snapped these pictures at a visits to my Mothers house a couple of weeks ago, how wonderful to see these splashes of bright colour. It makes a difference especially on grey days!

"I never met a color I didn't like." - Dale Chihuly

I thought about that quote, have I ever met a colour I didn't like?

Well I suppose it is all to do with context, a tiny dab of something in a painting or a rug might be acceptable, whereas a huge area of the same colour would be unbearable!

I love the majority of colours, but I must admit I am not fond of a certain shade of burgundy!

What about you? Have you ever met a colour that you didn't like?


Suz said...

it depends on what burgandy is next to
I'm not a fan of too much navy blue
especially paired with white
R.Lauren stop already

Susannah said...

:-) that made me smile Suz.

I know what you mean about what colour things are next too. I don't mind Navy blue but would prefer it with some other colour rather than white. Actually burgundy looks very good with coppery tones. The burgandy I don't like is one that they seemed to use of a lot of cars over here a couple of years ago. It was the colour of congealed blood! Sorry, I hope you weren't eating! lol

Good to see you Suz, I hope all is well in your world. x

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