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About a Cat - Ms Mitz

I had made my mind up during childhood that I wasn't a particular lover of Cats. I didn't appreciate them killing things, or their sharp claws and surprise attacks and their fur irritated my nose.

So, many years passed in which I gloried in canine company, such wonderful creatures! So many lovely dogs shared my life over the years. I even smiled at them in the street. I was most decidedly a 'dog person'.

Then one day through my window I spotted a young scrawny cat eating bits we had thrown out for the birds, we lived in quite an isolated place and I knew it didn't belong to anyone who lived nearby. It looked hungry so I put some dog food on a dish and went outside but as soon as it heard the door it was gone like a streak of lightning!

We started to see it in the garden more frequently and my lovely and very patient man took it upon himself to try and gain the trust of this young feral cat, who obviously hadn't had any contact with humans before. He would put out food for her and sit quietly yards away as she warily walked very slowly to the food and bolted it down before turning tail and disappearing.

She eventually became more confident, as long as he didn't move she was more at ease when she ate. Then we noticed her swelling belly! She was hardly more than a kitten herself.

Weeks later, we found her in a tiny old run down shed, wedged in a corner with a pile of her kittens. . . she was wild eyed and hissing so we retreated. Later we checked back, she had gone, moving her kittens to safety. That was the first of three litters she had. She disappeared between times and evaded our attempts to catch her and get her neutered, we managed to get one batch of kittens and with the help of a local animal charity they were taken and rehomed. Two other lots, we never found out what happened to them.

But she was still visiting for food and we had gained her trust, she would now wind herself around your legs while you were putting the plate down, but if you touched her, she would hiss and swipe at you, as though your hand was some strange creature out to get her!

It was then we noticed she was pregnant again.

We knew she slept in one of our sheds, so we made a bed up in there and hoped that she would stay close this time. She got bigger and bigger and we knew that her time was near. One morning we gingerly peeked into the shed and there she was, laying in the bed we had made for her, with her kittens. . .

This time we were prepared, my lovely Man had made a mesh inner door for the shed that reached almost to the top, so that she could jump over it, but wouldn't be able to move the kittens this time. When we saw her leave to hunt, or to eat food we had put out for her, we would sneak in and look at the kittens, we were determined that they would be used to humans, so they could find homes and not have to live a feral life like their Mother.
She no longer ran when she saw us and welcomed the food we gave her too. We took to sitting on the floor in the shed on old cushions, with the gentle light of a lamp, lighting up the dingy space. She would eat the food we gave her and we watched as the kittens grew and we stroked them at every opportunity. She too started to like being stroked, she watched as we stroked her kittens and seemed to sense that it wasn't harmful! and enjoyed it herself as long as she didn't see your hand! :-)

The kittens were getting bigger and wandering around, climbing and playing.
It began to get really cold at night and I began to worry for the kittens, when we went in there, they huddled close to me for warmth - it was then we decided to bring them indoors!

We set up an area in our spare bedroom with plastic on the floor covered with newspaper and a fenced in area and of course a litter tray! and set about bringing them inside.

We had a cage and we put a little food in that, and in she went. followed by one of her five kittens. My man quickly shut it up and threw a cloth over it, as I (in not one of my most thought out plans) put the other four Kittens in a shopping basket! We opened the shed door and both made a dash through the darkness. It was icy cold and pelting with rain and I hadn't bargained on the kittens trying to climb out of the basket I was carrying them in!
Well we made it! They were inside, and the kittens settled fine, exploring their new surroundings, the Mother cat was a different matter she started up a continous distressed miaowing.

The plan was to rehome the kittens when they were old enough, and then get the Mother cat done so she didn't have any more!

So, flash forward - we found homes together for two little golden girls and off they went to their new home. Three kittens left! I didn't like the idea of one being homed on its own, so was trying to find homes for all three but people only wanted two, it was heartbreaking and I had fallen in love with these beautiful little creatures! So they stayed and so did their mother! (once she had visited the vet and made sure she wouldn't bring home any more kittens!)
So now eight or nine years after we first met that skinny little feral cat, Ms Mitz is now a fat exceedingly friendly cat and a much loved member of our family. She and her kittens totally changed my views on cats and I am forever grateful that she came into our lives. Patience paid off!


TK said...

OMG! those are cute little kittens. Ive always love cats all my life. I remember when I was still schooling I used to take home lots of stray cats and my mother would gave them away behind my back!! She is not so fond of cats..Your Ms Mitz is a certainly a healthy looking cat!

Jennifer said...

Aw, what a nice story - so glad you persisted!

Susannah said...

TK - Yes aren't they cute! I wish I had been less stressed with it all at the time so I could have enjoyed them more! Good to see you. :-)

Jennifer - yes, so am I. :-)

Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer said...

So lovely kitties! Love them so much! Thanks for sharing, those are really cute creature of god.

Susannah said...

Pennsylvania - yes they really are SO cute aren't they! Thanks for dropping in. :-)

Christin said...

Wow, great story and such cute kittens! Glad you were able to get a happy ending from this and a nice addition to the family I see. :)

Susannah said...

Hi Christin - yes, weren't they cute! I am so glad the story had a happy ending!

Thanks for visiting and it is great to meet you. :-)

Suz said...

Oh my I am late in reading this are a good woman and he is a great guy
feral cats have such a hard life...I had three summers of feral kittens and finally they are all inhomes...except for Handsome...he will forever be a sad
but he has our love...glad you are a convert....

Susannah said...

Hi Suz,

yes, I am so glad that our story had a happy ending and that I became a 'cat person' what beautiful creatures they are!

All my reasons I thought I didn't like cats are not a problem now.

Firstly our cats don't roam so they don't hunt (except for the occasional fly or moth!) they have a huge converted aviery in our garden as their cat run, so can spend time outside and also the run of the garden when we are outside too.

None of the kittens (now cats) have ever scratched or carried out surprise attacks :-) and Ms Mitz their Mother is the lovliest most friendly Cat, there are still certain things that show her early life, she can only be picked up with her back to you and held at arms length and giving her medication is something best avoided!! She has the strength of a lion!

The fur doesn't bother me either - I suspect a long haired cat would perhaps start my itchy nose off again though!

I am glad you love and look after Handsome. :-)

scottsabode said...

A great story! Cats are wonderful creatures when you get to know one.

Susannah said...

Hi Scottabode - yes they certainly are!

Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment. :-)

TK said...

Just came by to say Hi to you and Ms Mitz.Wonder how are those little kittens....Have a nice day, Susannah..

Susannah said...

Hi TK - good to see you !
The kittens are now cats but are still adorable and two of them are sitting on my desk purring right now!

You have a wonderful day too. :-)

Barbara Scully said...

Hi S: isnt Ms Mitz the luckiest cat in the world to have found you guys. And ur wonderful man is just that too. You both clearly did a great job and I am glad you have been rewarded with your cats love ever since. I have (as you know) 4 cats and 1 dog and whereas the dog will love you unconditionally, no matter what. When a cat loves you - well that is a gift indeed. Thanks for sharing this lovely happy story! And give Ms Mitz a wee tickle under her chin from us here!

Susannah said...

Hey Barbara - great to see you. :-)

Yeah, I reckon we are all lucky to have found each other!

Chin tickle under way!


Michaela said...

I'm a cat lover! Always have been one. My cat was called Percy. When I was 12 years old my mother brought him home. A very large slender cat. She has found him on the street. He then stayed with us for many years until his death. When I moved out from home I took him with me. Even today, many many years later I think of him and miss him almost every day.

Susannah said...

Your Percy sounded wonderful Michaela, they really are special creautures aren't they, I am so glad that I discovered that!

KarenSloan-WallFlowerStudio said...

Hello Susannah,
Ms. Mitz is a very noble and beautiful cat. Such a happy ending!
Admittedly, I love dogs and grew up with them at our house. Since my mom was allergic to cats I couldn't have one, but now I only have cats. I love their independant streak!
This post was simply a wonderful way to start my day.
Thank you!

Susannah said...

Hi Karen, good to see you here! I'm glad you are a Cat convert too.

Thanks very much for visiting and for your comment. :-)

Alice said...

I loved this. As I think you know, we acquired Juno - a Jack Russell pup - just before Teddy was born. Bonkers. We have vowed it's feline next!
What a heartwarming story. I must admit to being deeply envious - that's just my kind of adventure.

Susannah said...

Hi Alice, good to see you here. :-)

Dogs I think improve with age - Pups are fun and very cute but I really love an old wise dog.

It was quite an adventure and a real roller coaster of emotions too. Just goes to show that you can't prejudge anything! I am now a total confirmed cat lover.

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