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A Message from Nature - The Story of a Heart

"Bluebells filled the woods with sweet fragrance, shiny bark and twisted limbs catching sunlight, ground soft underfoot welcomed our feet. Out of the shade and into a clearing, we followed a path to the now fenced meadow and looked back at the place we used to live."

- The passage above was written last year - just after a walk in 'our' woods.
The first visit back since we left.
Taken from My Name Is Zing

Seven years ago
we were living in a country cottage surrounded by nature. We had deer and foxes visit our garden and rabbits hopping around on the grass, it was open on one side to a three acre wild flower meadow that led to the bluebell filled woods beyond.

It was while living there that I became attuned to nature, I had never lived so far from a town and all it contained. Here nature was almost palpable in its presence and I grew to love the space, the garden, the animals. The wildness of it all.

It was rented from an old lady that lived close by, and we had lived there for seven years when the old lady died, and out of the blue a letter arrived from solicitors acting on behalf of the family. We had one month to move out, as her family wanted to sell up. I was in shock, it should have been expected but it wasn't. So the packing and goodbyes began.

I said goodbye to the big old stone workshop attached to the house that had been my art studio. I emptied the three outbuildings and remembered how our once feral cat, had given birth in the metal shed a year before to the kittens that now lived with us. I walked into the meadow to the spot we had buried our old dog Harvey just a few months before.

I strolled around the garden, that magical place where I had learned so much from trial and error and from just loving it and allowing it to bloom. Then I went to sit on the huge flat rock/stone that had been here long before we came. . . it was then that I saw it.

A perfect heart
made out of moss growing there on that big lump of granite and through the burning tears that immediately leapt to my eyes, I smiled because I understood the message from this house, this space, from Nature. It loved me back.

The photo that I took of that special message, sits in the header to this blog, (among other things from my life) its story untold until today when I decided to share my heart, my story, here with you. . .

More of my memories can be read over at The Streaming Now

This post was inspired by a post over at suz's blog begin again I saw her heart shaped puddle - her message, and remembered mine.


Suz said...

Oh my heart is breaking....
but that moss a true was mine...just for us to see at the right is always with us..and we take it with us....that is what made that house made it a home...I know you had to grieve that beautiful spot of earth...leaving it...but it did know it was loved.. and that love grew there..proof...a moss heart
I wonder how many other heart signs there are out there?
Did you take something from the garden to bring with you..a lily a rose a bluebell?
Houses have souls kind of...
and the earth ..we are made of it

TK said...

Me too loves nature so much. I always dream to live in the countryside and surrounded by nature. I specially love to be surrounded by beautiful wild flowers. The heart shaped moss is really amazing. It's a gift from nature to you!

Susannah said...

Hi Suz, I wonder how many of these signs, these symbols, these hearts are missed! I am SO glad that we saw the ones we were meant to see and that we understood. . .

"and the earth ..we are made of it" - oh yes! :-)

Yes, when we left we didn't have anywhere to go, so only stored real essentials the rest was let go of...but I took some plants and they were kept safe at my Sisters house until I had another garden for them.

Young box hedge plants, grown from cuttings taken from the neat dense box hedge that had bought out my inner perfectionist as I clipped it. :-) and cuttings from the huge bushy plant that grew beneath my kitchen window, I had never seen one before and loved it. . . I still don't know what it is called but it is now growing in this garden too. :-)

I had to leave my huge clump of peonies there :-( - I had never seen anything so beautiful. . . there's a picture here --->

After we left they cut down the beautiful flowering cherry tree with its overflowing pink blossom and delicious cherryies that used to be right outside my bedroom window.

But as with all things, time moves on and for everything there is a season, I let go willingly and opened my hands and heart to a new phase in my life, comforted by the belief that whatever came next would be right too. . . and it was. :-)

Susannah said...

Hi TK,

I hope one day you get your wish to live in the countryside surrounded by wild flowers.

Nature is amazing - maybe you will find your own message, a heart maybe or something else just meant for you.

Thanks TK it is always good to see you. :-)

Jennifer said...

Some homes seem to have more impact on us than others. The moss creation was to remind you not to forget this amazing place!

Susannah said...

Hi Jennifer,

Yes you are right and though at the time it WAS fabulous in hindsight I don't miss the small windows, the damp patches and the drafts. Brrr! I so appreciate the huge windows we have here and the double glazing!

The garden too is beautiful here now but doesn't quite have that sense of wildness that the other had - where there was no division between garden and uncultivated nature, it was more powerful and raw somehow.

Good to see you and enjoy your new home - they always bring new things!

Pennsylvania slip and fall lawyer said...

Living in a place that has so many trees and flowers are one of my dreams, I really want to buy a house wherein nature is already there. It's pretty cool and relaxing, your problems in life will blown away, when you wake up in the morning and you will see these beautiful stuff, you'll definitely love it. I hope my dreams will come true. Thanks for sharing and posting.

scottsabode said...

What a beautiful post.

Susannah said...

Pennsylvania - I hope your dream comes true! :-)

scottsabode - Thank you. :-) - It's nice to see you here.

riwayaterakru said...

very beautiful view you got here. Serenade view.

Susannah said...

Thanks very much for your comment riwayaterakru. :-)

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